Outsourcing specialized skills: Why hiring agencies is better than hiring in-house for your business growth


More and more Filipino small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are turning to outsourcing to increase their productivity and grow their business.

Outsourcing cuts down on labor costs and lets entrepreneurs focus on important matters in managing their business.

It’s a common business practice to outsource tasks that use specialized skills, such as digital marketing, graphic design, and web development. And for SMEs, outsourcing to agencies is the hiring practice that provides the most benefits.

Here’s why.

Defining outsourcing

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a person or an agency to perform services that would otherwise be performed by an “in-house” employee.

“In-house employees” refer to employees who are considered part of the company, such as regular workers who receive benefits or part-time workers with a regular schedule.

Outsourcing is a common business practice for big companies. For example, most of the commercials seen on TV are outsourced, like Jollibee’s widely successful Kwentong Jollibee TV ads. BLK Cosmetics, the makeup company owned by media personality Anne Curtis, outsourced its product design, as well.

For SMEs, some common outsourced tasks and roles include:

  • app development
  • bookkeeping
  • community management
  • content writing
  • customer service
  • graphic design
  • lead generation
  • project management
  • social media handling
  • video editing
  • web design

Benefits of outsourcing

Why is outsourcing a growing trend? Below, we explain the advantages of outsourcing some of your business processes:

1. Cost-efficiency

It’s more cost-efficient to outsource tasks to an agency that already has the necessary resources than to invest in equipment, talent, and training.

For instance, outsourcing a photoshoot to a photography agency means you don’t have to buy cameras, lenses, lights, and other equipment. These agencies also have lists of studios to shoot at, models to contact, and computer software to post-process your photos.

2. Get expert services

Agencies have employees with the necessary expertise to perform the task you need because they invest in training their employees.

By outsourcing to an agency, you can skip the process of hiring and training. Instead, you can go straight to receiving the service you need.

3. Focus on core functions

SMEs, especially startups, don’t often have the luxury of having many managers and team leaders. Often, it’s the business owner and their partners who have to oversee every single detail.

Outsourcing to an agency lets you focus on your areas of expertise, since agencies have their own means of quality control. This is especially useful if you are not an expert on the task you need to outsource, such as if you have no experience in bookkeeping or web design. How will you know that their output is up to standard?

Finding the best agency to work with

It’s one thing to want to work with an agency. It’s another to find an agency that works well with you. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for an agency:

  • Ask for their portfolio. An agency’s track record is their best asset. Which clients have they worked with? What outputs have they produced? How effective were their outputs for their clients’ sales?
  • Meet with them in person. No matter how impressive an agency’s website is, it’s always good practice to meet with their representative in person. You can ask questions and have them explain their work process to see if it’s compatible with your own.
  • Check if they can work on your timeline. If you have a pressing deadline, make sure your preferred agency has sufficient time to accommodate you. Agencies regularly work on multiple clients at a time, so it’s in your best interest to make sure you can both reach your deadlines.

If you’re an entrepreneur hoping to free up your time and grow your business, then outsourcing is definitely worth your time. Whether you want to launch a marketing campaign or revamp your website, agencies can help you reach your deadlines with their expertise, training, experience, and equipment.

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More and more Filipino SMEs are turning to outsourcing as a way to grow their business. Outsourcing lets business owners focus on core functions and cut down on costs, especially when they outsource specialized skills that boost their business growth.
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