How to get started with Digital Marketing

The future of business is digital.

As of 2019, there are 76 million Filipinos online—and that number is only bound to climb higher. The number of Filipino internet users grew by 12% from last year, and we clocked the longest time spent online daily. Filipinos are online for an average of 10 hours and 2 minutes every day, significantly longer than the world average of 6 hours and 42 minutes.

One basic principle of marketing is to go where your market is. And with 76 million people on the internet, you can be sure your market—and your competition—is there as well. So, if your business isn’t yet online, then you’re missing out.

In this article, we explain what digital marketing is and why you should start building an online presence.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all marketing efforts using electronic devices (e.g. smartphones, laptops) and the internet. Strategies under digital marketing include email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and more.

Once considered a mere trend, digital marketing has proved to be an effective tool for connecting with your market, building customer loyalty, and increasing sales. Let’s look at the advantages of digital marketing for your business.

Benefits of digital marketing

Why is digital marketing gaining popularity these days? Here are some advantages of digital marketing that will help you boost your business’ growth.

1. Wider reach

Just like how the internet helps us reach long-lost friends or relatives abroad, it can also help your business reach more people. The internet has broken down physical barriers, which means you can market, talk, and ship to people from all over the country.

Traditional marketing such as billboards and posters are restricted to certain areas and won’t reach far-flung potential customers. Of course, other traditional advertising avenues like TV and radio ads also have a broad reach, but digital marketing beats them when it comes to…

2. Lower cost

It’s possible to market online without spending a single peso. (Of course, that won’t be as effective as investing in digital marketing—but it is possible.) The internet offers dozens of opportunities for your business to make itself known, from posting on Instagram to building a free website.

As your business grows, you can start allotting funds for digital marketing so you can reach an even broader market and increase your sales. Even then, you’ll spend significantly less than how much you would spend on TV, radio, and newspaper ads.

A good place to start investing in is content marketing, which is proven to build customer loyalty, provide valuable information to customers, and establish your brand as an authority in your industry. [Link to article about content marketing.]

3. Measurable results

Speaking of low costs, measuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns is less expensive than traditional marketing research.

In fact, most platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram already have free analytics for your accounts, which you can use to schedule your posts and determine your market segments.

4. Personalization

Once you’ve determined your market segments, it’s easy to personalize your content for your customers. For instance, Facebook lets you write posts in different languages, so your followers who speak English can see your post in English, while those who prefer Filipino will read your posts in Filipino.

Posting ads online also lets you narrow your audience using different factors like age, location, sex, and even interests.

5. Proven effectivity

There’s a reason almost every brand you know is on social media: digital marketing works.

Connecting with your market can be as quick as sending a tweet or posting on Facebook—as long as you’re consistent with posting content that resonates with them. Online platforms also make it easier to reach you, as most offer instant messaging services.

Tips on starting your digital marketing journey

Now that you’ve seen the value of digital marketing, how do you begin? Here are some steps you can take.

1. Maximize social media. If your business isn’t yet on social media, now is the time to join. Social media lets you connect with and advertise to a large number of people. Facebook is the best place to begin, because it offers lots of features for businesses like automated messaging, posts in multiple languages, advertisements, and post analytics.

2. Maximize website. Think of your website as your store; it’s where customers see your products and services, learn about your history, and ask questions and offer feedback. A website also helps make your business seem more established, and since not all SMEs invest in a website, having one already places you ahead of your competition. Plus, your website can double as an online shop, where customers can place their orders without having to go to your physical store.

3. Evaluate your content. If you have both social media and a website, then you can evaluate the content you offer customers. Is your content valuable? Does it provide unique and useful information? Does it drive conversion and increase your sales? If your answer is “no” (or if you don’t know), then it’s time to start investing in content that will boost your business’ growth.

Digital Bean offers everything you need to go digital. We will help you strategize, design, and execute your digital marketing campaign. Digital Bean is passionate about connecting businesses with their market with the use of compelling content and effective marketing strategies.

Learn more about our services here/Get started today by contacting us at (email).

Now is the time to go digital! In this article, we explain what digital marketing is and why you should start building an online presence.
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